There are options available to Indigenous organizations and people that face discrimination. At national level, for health related matters we can seek help from Indigenous Canada Health, a division of Indigenous Affairs.  If it is a general, non health matters we can ask for help from the Assembly of First Nations in Canada.  There are also other provincial organizations as well that IPAO can approach to right a wrong, depending on what the exact situation is. There is always help available. IPAO members are not alone. We are here with you and we do our best to help you.

At Indigenous Peoples Association of Osteopathy (Canada), we protect our members against discrimination of any type and unjust acts.  We work on behalf of IPAO members to right the wrong. However if IPAO intervention does not stop discrimination against our members, we will then escalate the situation and ask for help from Indigenous organizations that are mandated to fight discrimination.

But if we cannot then we will seek help on your behalf. We will not give up until the discrimination stops.

If you face discrimination of any kind, please email IPAO at info@indigenousosteopathy.org.